Happy Customers

“I love the dogsie dog shirts!! …I keep my dog in one all the time indoors and… she never peed in her shirt.” – Lauren

“I purchased one of your dogsie shirts at the Kentucky State Fair. I just wanted to let you know that this shirt has been a lifesaver for us! Our adult dog has had problems with marking her territory EVERYWHERE! We’ve tried to train her, contain her, etc. but nothing would stop the marking. We’ve even had to replace flooring and carpeting due to it, and even considered giving her up 😦 . She’s been wearing the shirt for 5 days and since then she has had NO marking incidents. She won’t even go in her shirt!!! I am so grateful… I no longer have to be paranoid about where she is in the house, or whether or not the gates are up. We can give her free reign around the house while we are gone instead of putting her in her kennel. I can’t say enough about your shirts! ….Thanks again for your product – you’ve saved us a lot of money in pet stain remover solution and flooring!” – Lara

“Best thing ever. Everyone should have these.” – D.S.

“My little Jack Russell is so much better with her little outfit when she comes in season!”

“These shirts were perfect for my little yorkie. Loved them, plus no mess!”

“After 3 years of trying to potty train our yorkie and failing, we bought the dogsie onsie and it worked!” –  T. L.

“We have a sweet but very submissive daushaund who hikes when excited. This shirt was the best fix ever.” – D. H.

“We have had the Dogsie shirt for a week now and our Charlie has not had one accident. The cost of this shirt was totally worth it!” – D. G.

“Wonderful product. I use this for my dog at night so he can sleep with me.” – K. W.

“Great investment!”

“Every person who has just purchased a puppy/puppies, or will soon be purchasing, NEEDS to buy several dogsie shirts. I have had puppies/dogs in the past without the dogsie shirts. Now I just purchased 3 puppies and I am using the dogsie shirts. I can’t imagine how I made it without them!

First of all, they are made very well, are cool cotton, and so easy to use. Once you use them, you would never try to housebreak a puppy without them! Just put them on the puppy, and take the puppy out frequently. No accidents in the house. They can run around and have fun without the worry of puddles. Also, the dog learns to hold his bladder until taken out.

Second, the research has shown that puppies/dogs that are ‘wrapped’ feel secure. My active puppy IMMEDIATELY CALMS DOWN and listens when he has his shirt on. When I work on training my puppies, they have them on – they listen and learn SO MUCH BETTER!

I will be keeping my puppies in these shirts well into and through adulthood. When I get them out, the puppies go to them and put their legs up to get them on.

Third, they are super easy to clean and have a compartment for poopy too. They thought of everything when they designed these. I feel after using them, they are a NECESSITY for every dog owner. The puppies are happier and feel more secure in them.” – Terri

“These work great. I foster and do rescue for French Bulldogs (a lot of male markers). My little Frenchton mix was just neutered in April so he is a leg lifter. He wears his every night. We call them his PJ’s. Thanks!” – Vicky