How to Use Our Dogsie Shirts

House Training

Crate training is still the best method for house training your dog, along with the Dogsie Dog Shirt. Keep your dog or puppy in a crate which is just large enough for your dog to stand up and lay down in. When taking your dog out of their crate, take the dog immediately outside, out the same door, to the same area and say “go outside”. Give your dog five minutes or less to use the bathroom, reminding the dog to “go outside” when they become distracted, and praising the dog when they go to the bathroom. When they have done all they should need to do, then bring them inside and slip on a Dogsie Dog Shirt to protect your house in case of an accident. If they don’t go within 5 minutes, put the dog back in the crate and then try again in approximately 15 minutes.  The dog must use the bathroom outside to earn freedom in the house wearing the Dogsie Dog Shirt.

Marking Territory

For those dogs who mark their territory, the Dogsie shirt does not allow them to lay scent in the home, therefore they mark less. Follow the directions for house training, being sure to give your dog plenty of opportunity to mark their territory outside and empty their bladder. Then always keep the Dogsie Dog Shirt on the dog when inside the house. These dogs will always need to wear the Dogsie dog Shirt inside due to their strong instinct for marking territory.

Dogs in Heat

Females who are in heat should keep the Dogsie Dog Shirt on at all times while she is indoors to absorb the discharge. When the Dogsie Dog Shirt becomes soiled, toss into the laundry and use a fresh Dogsie Dog Shirt. When you take her outside to use the bathroom, watch her carefully to insure that no male dog can get to her. The Dogsie Dog Shirt can also protect your female from being bred if she wears it around male dogs. The waterproof backing mutes the scent, so she will attract males less, and a male in the home will be interested and follow her around, but will not be panting and “loco”!