Our Dogsie Dog Shirts are not just ordinary dog shirts. Our patented design has  sewn-in absorbant lining with a waterproof backing to keep any accidents that may occur while wearing the shirt, contained to the shirt.

Developed by a Dog Trainer and Breeder

Donna, the creator of Dogsie Dog Shirts tells her story.

“I am a dog trainer running a kennel. I breed silky terriers and my breeding male, Sydney, was marking territory in the house.  None of the products on the market worked for him, he would go under my bed and rub the belly bands off, the diapers slipped out of position and fell off, plus everything made him look ridiculous.  That is when I started developing the Dogsie, so that he could live at home.  He was on the verge of having to spend his life at the kennel! ( Sydney is the silky wearing the blue shirt in the photo at the top of this page.)  He never minded wearing the Dogsie and has been comfortable and content.  And instead of looking like he’s wearing a diaper, he looks like he’s wearing a cute shirt! He seldom marks in his Dogsie now.  

Working with many customers on house training through the kennel, the main problem people had with house training their dogs was when they were out of their crates – it’s impossible to watch the dog every second, and no one wants to keep their dog in a crate all the time.  So, many dogs were getting used to using the bathroom outside and inside, because the scent was both places.  I realized that the Dogsie would solve this problem, and began testing it, and it worked perfectly.  Then when my female silkies came into heat, I used them for that issue, and again – perfect solution.  This is when I noticed that when they were wearing the Dogsie I did not have to take Sydney to the kennel to stay for three weeks, that he just followed them around as he would when they were first coming in to heat – another problem solved!”